Backup fail on azure

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Current behavior

Launch a backup from either the UI or CLI ends by an error : the backup is unavailable for download.

Expected behavior

Backup zip archive should be created and a link to download it should be provided, as it is the case when backup completes succesfully.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Go to app / settings /backups
Click on start backup

  • OR -
    sq config use app
    sq backup create


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Version: [Azure docker app service]


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Based on the logs, it seems that an asset is non existent:
“An asset with name \u0027705ee837-3cc8-4748-9d1d-6d2da5cc338c_0\u0027 does not exist.”

My question is : how can I find the objects that reference this asset in order to solve the issue?

Depends what you use as a Asset store. If you use Azure Blob storage you can find it there.

yes I use Azure Blob storage…do you mean I can find it by browsing the mongdb database?

if the asset is not found by squidex, so I suppose I won’t either in the asset store
but maybe I can find which content is referencing it by browsing the database

it’s weird because I cannot find it in the Azure Blob Storage when selecting “deleted items”

Squidex never deletes stuff, I am not sure what happened with this asset. I would just create a dummy file with this name.

okay, this workaround works fine.
thank you!

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