Background Jobs

Hello together,

I have combined several systems that were used for background tasks into one system:

  1. Backups
  2. Rule Runners
  3. Restore (this is a special case)

The old backend controllers are still working and just use the name system now. But they are marked as obsolete and some endpoints might be removed in future versions.

What it means: It is super easy now to create more of these jobs. I have refused to implement some feature requests, because the infrastructure was not there yet, but now we can easily implement tasks like:

  • Export everything to CSV / JSON
  • Apply default values over all content items or other migration steps.

Lets see what you come up with.

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Would removal of fields from content items when field is deleted be one of the jobs that could be handled? Adding new defaulted field to schema does not update the contents of the schema - #7 by slalFe

There is a new method to apply the defaults. There was another feature request for that. Based on that, it should be super easy to write a new job and add a button for that somewhere in the UI.

Ah OK so we would first need to add that method to the backend similar to the default enrichment: Enrich defaults (#1057) · Squidex/squidex@28ee481 · GitHub

I thought that this method would actually cover that. Perhaps you need to explain again what you want to achieve

Oh well we can test it out at some point and see if it does!

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