Avoid overriding preview urls

Hi Sebastian

We are currently working on a sync script to syncronize our models across different apps, and for that we are using Squidex CLI.

The issue we have is that each has it’s own set of preview url’s, but seems like if we leave the preview url’s out of the schema json files when we sync, it remove them instead of leave them untouced.

Is there a way to avoid preview url overrides in the CLI?

No, sorry…if you leave them out the sync tool assumes that you want to remove it. You can provide a PR though :wink:

Okay thanks, i really don’t think you want PR from me :smiley: that will destroy your lovely system :slight_smile:

Is it the same for the other fields, such as fieldsInLists, fieldsInReferences etc?

Yes, it is is the same for all fields. But you can export your schemas using the CLI…

We are already injecting some variables into the schemes that is related to each app, so i think that we will just get these informations from the app through the api, and inject them back into the schema when syncronizing.