Autotranslation with DeepL

I need to get this off my chest.

I don’t like the idea of mixing open source with non-open source (you need to pay for API key for using Autotranslation with DeepL and those types of constellations).

After the first sentence I was like “Awesome, exactly what I needed” (currently implementing some multilingual stuff") and then one second later the joy was gone when I saw I had to buy a license to be able to use the feature.

I love Squidex and see it as a fantastic gift to the community I hope it can stay that way. Just my two cents.

Ps. Squidex team, you do a fantastic job.

I see your point but this is true for other implementations in Squidex as well like Google Cloud storage and azure storage.

And what is your suggestion? Not to add features because you have to pay a little? And DeepL is super cheap by the way. If there would be an open source solution I would definitely use it.

I can improve the way how it is integrated in the UI so you will not see the button if it is not configured.

Keep it. The product looks awesome, glad you found it. I will definitely use it. Will buy license as well when Swedish is available. Yes, it’s not expensive.

The point I was trying to make was simply keep Squidex great and keep commercial product integrations to a minimum. Don’t get me wrong, I use and pay for a lot of services online but I think would rather opt-in myself rather than be force into using something. Not saying that you’re forcing anyone here but I think get my point. Integrations are great and should be part of any CMS so I don’t have anything against it. I guess what I’m suggesting is that maybe we should start some sort of poll here in the support forum for upcoming integrations, too see what the community have to say about it before implementing. I think this would be good for your team as well, both economically and it would bring even more value to Squidex.

Regarding the UI: I’ve seen this in many UI:s. Enabling and disabling features with toggles. Didn’t you already implement that or was it just a dream? :smiley:

I have written a blog post how to use Squidex to manage feature toggles, but so far almost everything has to be configured with the appsettings.json (or environment variables).

But this will partially change with the 2.0 and plugin support.

That’s awesome! :smiley: