Autopublish referenced content

I want to ask if there is a way how to “autopublish” referenced content.
I have “Article” and “Author”.
Article reference it’s author.
If I didn’t published author but did published article then I have published article without published author.

Is there a way how to publish author if the first article is published for this author?

Not yet. The only option I see is to create a workflow where Published is the default state. This could work.

Thank you for reply.

How can this be done? I don’t see an option in workflows to select Published as the default?

When you hover a workflow step you should see small arrow on the left. Click that to change the initial state.

I see that on other steps. But not on the ‘Published’ state

Sorry, then it is not possible yet. To be hones I don’t remember the reason.

I am in a similar situation. However, I would like to just warn the user that the article he is publishing makes reference to unpublished items.
Is there any way to make this notification?

Unfortunately not, I am sorry.