Automatic forms

Hi, is there a way to automatically create forms in the frontend for the data in Squidex?

It would be great to be able to generate the HTML to fill the data and not having to code by hand every field.

Also I have a client that changes the structure of the data often, so I’d like to make those changes only to Squidex and not the app.

In other words, is there a head I can put to the headless CMS? :smiley:


Of course, you can use the swagger schema for that or you download the schema and create the form based on that. This is the same I do in the Management UI.

Oh, I see. Do you use any tool for that?

No, it is just a normal GET request

Thanks Sebastian. But I meant what tool do you use to generate the HTML automatically?

It is just angular code.

For example there is a mini schema for rule actions:

And thats everything I need for that: