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I have installed Squidex on Azure - and I am really impressed with this :grinning:

Next step - before going into production - I need to setup authentication of users with

I have setup the following settings (using the configuration tab for the azure app-service)
IDENTITY__OIDCCLIENT = ClientID for the app in Auth0 ( eg. “5RDpY3R3cG3afgf2qLUx8f3UgVpemkXm”)
DENTITY__SECRET = Secret for the app in Auth0 ( eg. “m_BTwg_tnCBPPuOd_6Ui6re3f24TaJtuVixXj4eQvXaSYLeUOYVX”)
IDENTITY_OIDCAUTHORITY = our auth0 domain (eg . “”)

Following the above changes, I have restarted the app.

But nothing changes - I am still presented with the built-in user/pw singing.

What am I missing ?

An underscore in the latest environment variable and an “I” in the one above.

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Thank you @Sebastian !

That fixed some of the problem - but it seems that I made another configuration error.

When I click on then OIDC-signin - I get an errormessage (‘operation failed’) - the link is something like

the error is something like this "“message”: "IDX20803: Unable to obtain configuration from: \\u0027.","

but exists - what could cause this error ?

I think the authority ( IDENTITY_OIDCAUTHORITY) needs to be a URL.

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@Sebastian once again - you are right :slight_smile:

to summarize :

in order to get OIDC to work with AUTH0 - you need to do the following

create app in auth0

  • Application Type= “regular Web Application”
  • Token Endpoint Authentication Method = “Post”
  • Allowed Callback URLs = “https://[your domain]/signin-oidc”

In Squidex configuration:
set the following parameters

"value": "",

"value": "5RDpY3R3ul1xasdasdUx8f3UgVpemkXm" (clientname from Auth0)

"value": "SSO" (whatevet text you want on the signinpage)

"value": ""

"value": "m_BTwg_tnCBPasdsad6UiCYjn3mJKCExcvwEkaJtuVixXj4eQv34asdYVX" (secret from Auth0)

Thank you for a great application !

If you want, you can contribute with a short article (some screenshots always help) for the docs: with a PR

should it be an article here ?

This is the images folder. I would say somewhere over there: