Audit Trail: Activities on Content Schemas for Editor Role

Hi @Sebastian

Is there a detailed audit trail that the editors can use to view who is interacting with what content in Cloud version of squidex. If Yes how can it be setup in Squidex or something like Paper Trail for logs of audit trail. How many months old Audit trail can be traced and saved?

Thank you

Each app has a history log and you can download the history with the API. The history has no limit regarding time.

Thanks @Sebastian BUT Is there a way to further customize/Configure the current History (Audit Trail) at Squidex Dashboard Level for an Editor

This would solve the Vanilla requirement if this can allow some basic insights. For a production build in a publishing house kind of a business in a distributed team using a CMS having an audit trail is super helpful as a Vanilla feature.

What kind of customizations you are looking for?

I am currently working on a feature to customize the app dashboard. The idea is to implement several cards that can be customized. The activities could be one of these cards.