Assets HTTP Cache supported?

How can we add an HTTP cache-control header to assets requests?

There is nothing like that yet. What are you looking for?

Just trying to find out if Squidex is configured to set a caching policy for the image assets.

There is no caching policy but etags are provided:

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I know this is an old thread, I just wanted to share how I achieved this.

I was a bit surprised that assets don’t include Cache-Control, so I suspected it might be to do with the Caddy configuration I am using. After changing the configuration, cache-control is being sent in the response header and files are being cached in the browser.

This is my CaddyConfig:

tls /etc/ssl/certs/.......
reverse_proxy {$SITE_SERVER} {
  header_up X-ForwardedProto {scheme}
  header_up X-Real-IP {remote}
  header_down Cache-Control max-age=3600
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You can also control the cache duration via query string.

Just add &cache=3600 to your URLs. Then you can distinguish per asset what the best approach is. But some users update the assets regularly, so caching would be bad for them.