Assets and Mongo db files are not being stored on Azure file storage


We are planning to use squidex to meet our headless cms requirements. I have deployed it on Azure by following the instructions provided. I have noticed one issue after deploying and playing with it for a while by uploading assets and creating content. I don’t see the uploaded assets and mongo db files in azure portal file storage folders that were created as per instructions even though I see them (i.e., assets and content) using the squidex cms UI. So I am guessing they are being stored some where with in the app folders rather than on Azure file storage. How do i resolve this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

By the way, the product is great and we are liking it so far.


Could it be related to My schemes are gone, what to do? ?

Thanks Sebstian. By the looks of it, having the same issue. Do we have the updated instructions on how to setup the mongodb?

The instructions are not from me. I have sent a message to author and hope for the best. if he does not answer we have to find it our by our-self.

Hey @srini,

there is an Issue with the Setup for Azure at the moment, which is, that Linux Containers cannot use the SMB 3.0 protocol to communicate with the Azure File Storage.

We managed to get it to work recently and I will update the instructions as soon as possible.

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Thank you very much obivandamme for the update. Your help is very much appreciated.

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