Asset folders have no link to its parentId

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Current behavior

GetAssetFoldersAsync(appName) return AssetFoldersDto and each Item is AssetFolderDto. Its Parentid is supposed to be valid Id of its parent. However, all parentId of each AssetFolderDto is all 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 regardless its parent is valid or not. This makes impossible to upload assets to a folder with a valid parent. For example: we
Public/Authors/External-authors. We need to load external author images to the leaf folder external-authors by this hierarchy. I am unable to identify external-authors folder by this hierarchy.

Expected behavior

If a AssetFolderDto has a valid parent, then its parentId should point to parent’s AssetFolderDto.Id

Minimal reproduction of the problem

  1. Create an asset Folder under root called Public, then create public/author folder.
  2. Make a call .GetAssetFoldersAsync(appName), then check returned AssetFoldersDto.Items (2 of them), both has pareentId as 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 , while it is expected authors object parentId should be the Id of Public’s AssetFolderDto


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Are you sure, that you are not receiving root folders only?

After done further tests, and found duplicate folder names are allowed as long as they are not under different parents. As single call to all folders like GetAssetFoldersAsync(appName) without specifying parent only return all folders under the root. When need to get subfolders, need to pass parentId. In this way I can get to the leaf folder in the hierarchy. With it, I can post assets to that folder.
This is resolved

Duplicate folder names are always allowed. There is no guarantee. I don’t remember the reasons for that, but even in Google Drive it is possible.