Article not visible on Website

Hi there. I am Kabir from Lion & Lion. We have published the article but it doesn’t seem to be visible on the website. The URL redirects to the HomePage instead. Below is a screenshot of the article published on Squidex. Kindly look into this matter.

How do you want me to help you like this?

The post contains no information. How do you fetch the content and who is doing the redirect? This is a really old Squidex version so you must use Squidex since a while now.

99% a problem on your frontend code.

I need your help with the redirection of the URL. It doesn’t seem to redirect to the webpage. It redirects to the homepage instead. The URL is : kolagreementform.

Which URL and which redirect?

The URL is : . I have defined this in the Schema. But the URL doesn’t seem to work. It redirects me to the homepage. Kindly assist in this matter.

I cannot assist you here, your website is a blackbox for me.

Hi. Perhaps you can assist me on what to do? At the moment, I don’t seem to know what to do from my end.

What would be a sufficient error description is:

I query a content item in my website with the following code:


, the query I use is

?$filter=data/url/iv eq 'kolagreementform' 

but the response does not contain a content item, the status code is 200:


Hi Sebastian. Do I add these in the Scripts or Json? Below is how the json looks like for the webpage.

It does not help, I have to understand what you actually do.

Squidex is like a database, I guess you have used a database before. Would you send an issue to the mysql team like “my query does not return results” without posting the SQL query or explaining what you actually do?

We have a website in place. It’s called : We use Squidex as a basis to edit and add new content. So we created a new webpage and new content but it doesn’t seem to be displaying on the website.

I am closing this now, as you are not providing anything that I can work with. I need to understand what you doing in detail to provide support.

Code snippets, example requests to the Squidex API and so on. if you want to reopen it, write me a PM.