Are we able to paginate the Get Assets API call?

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Current behavior

Assets can only be requested all at once.

Expected behavior

For thousands of assets, we will need to be able to paginate the results coming from the server.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Use the assets API to query a large set of assets.


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Version: @latest


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This would be a feature request if the option is currently available. At the moment, I am looking for documentation if the option exists.

I found the documentation. I was looking at the “Get Assets” POST operation not the GET operation. For anyone else that searches the support forum for the same reason, see the documentation regarding “skip” and “top”

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The main reason for the Post Query is the UI. If you make a search with 50 ids you exceed the max URL length and therefore it was necessary to introduce the POST endpoint.

q is a JSON query and odata is an odata query of course. Both are described here:

Thank you for the additional clarification!