Approval workflow


Does Squidex support a two-step mechanism or an approval workflow? My use-case is to provide a way so that content writers would do their job requires an approval from their manager.

I think this comes in hand with a permission setup where only certain users would be allowed to approve and/or publish a record?


Hi, you could create a role, that does not have the publish permission:

Is there a plan to introduce workflows on published content? Two possible ways are:

  • Review Workflow: Sending a notification to another person to indicate that the content can be published.
    e.g User A modifies a content item > User A submit content for review > User B is notified > User B double checks the content > User B publishes content if correct; otherwise leaves a comment as a review
  • Approval workflow: Content is published but an approver determines if content is published or not.
    e.g User A modifies content > User A publishes an item > User B receives notification > User B approves publications; otherwise rejects it and leaves a comment

Yes, but I am not sure in which way exactly, because this is just one way to handle it. Other users might have different requirements.