Application not loading when using Angular i18n

I’m trying to use Angular i18n and I already added the i18n attribute to my elements and created a file.

To make It work, I need to set some properties of the AngularCompilerPlugin in webpack.config.js file. One of this properties is the skipCodeGeneration, that needs to be false.

If I set it to false and run npm start, when I open localhost:5000, I only see the loading gif in the top left corner of the page. If I keep It true, the page loads correctly, but the i18n does not work.

Does anyone already faced and solved this problem?

Thank you.

I have never tried i18n for angular.I guess you have to try it out.

Hi, @Sebastian. Thank you for your response.

But do you have any idea on why the application does not load when I set skipCodeGeneration to false?

I guess the view generation. But I am not 100% sure.

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