App disappeared on azure

We have deployed the squidex using documentation provided on azure. Everything worked fine for 2 months. But all of a sudden all apps disappeared today from sqiudex instance running on azure. I am not sure what’s wrong and how to get the apps back. Not sure how to check logs. Any help on resolving this issue greatly appreciated.

Do you have access to the MongoDB instance? Can you check it there?

The mongodb instance is running along with the app, as i don’t remember configuring it separately. Is there any way to find out what is the default location of mongodb files as I installed the app initially using docker as specified in the installation instructions.

The MongoDB should be in the created volume:

az container create --resource-group [YOUR VALUE HERE] --name mongodb --image mongo --azure-file-volume-account-name [YOUR VALUE HERE] --azure-file-volume-account-key "[YOUR VALUE HERE]" --azure-file-volume-share-name etc-squidex-mongodb --azure-file-volume-mount-path "/data/mongoaz" --ports 27017 --cpu 2 --ip-address public --memory 2 --os-type Linux --protocol TCP --command-line "mongod --dbpath=/data/mongoaz --bind_ip_all"

Thanks Sebastian for your help. As per the updated azure installation instructions, I have created a separate azure container instance for mongodb and using azure file share for storing the data files. I have updated mongodb connection strings as per installation instructions. I have one question, how do I make sure that squidex is using newly configured mongodb azure container instance rather than the mongo db that is being installed along with squidex app (using docker). Are there any queries that I can run to check that.