Apollo GraphQL queries with search param don't return data

Hello Sebastian,

I just noticed that on my blog - https://lucacattide.dev with Apollo as GraphQL client - something is not being queried correctly from API.
After many tries and inspecting, I successfully isolated the issue and I’ve found that queries which use the search param, currently doesn’t return any data - 0 records.

For instance, in a typical query like this one:

query indexSearch($terms: String!, $lastLoaded: Int, $limit: Int!) {
      queryArticleContents(search: $terms, orderby: "created desc", skip: $lastLoaded, top: $limit) {
        data {


In which basically I’m trying to filter articles by a specified term previously passed as input, with ordering, skipping and so on, the issue shows on. Here, If I remove the search param, it works correctly - but of course returning all the entries.

I didn’t put hand since the launch, so nothing in my sources has changed.
I’m not aware if you did some upgrade on API which could had affected something on my implementation - I tried to change client permission as try, but nothing.

Do you have any suggestion for it?

Thanks in advance.

Could be something wrong with full text search. Perhaps you can reproduce it with the UI and the provide me a concrete example?

I sent you a private message with a link to a CodeSandbox example extracted from my current environment.
It contains secret keys related to my API client so I prefer this way.
You’ll find instructions about it in the PM.