Api count warrning email

Not sure where else to ask this,

we got an email about usage.

You are about to reach your usage limit for App App name here at Squidex Headless CMS before the month ends.

You have already used 150150 of 1500000 API calls.

so obviously this shouldn’t be an issue because this is just 10% of the usage we can do.

Please check your clients or upgrade your plan,
The Squidex Team

but why did we get the email? was it a system error?

we are on the largest plant, what should we do?

it is a forecast. When you continue like that you reach your limit before the end of the month.

you can try to cache a few api calls. Usually there are a lot of calls that do not change that often, for example for header or footer navigation. You can also use the CDN, because it only counts 50%