Alignment text, insert table ,issue with save

I have…

  • Read the following guideline: Troubleshooting and Support - Squidex. I understand that my support request might get deleted if I do not follow the guideline.
  • Used code blocks with ``` to format my code examples like JSON or logs properly.

I’m submitting a…

  • Regression (a behavior that stopped working in a new release)
  • Bug report
  • Performance issue
  • Documentation issue or request

Current behavior

i cant alignment text,
i cant insert table,
sometimes save doesn’t work

Expected behavior

possibility alignment text,
possibility to insert table,
fix save changes

Minimal reproduction of the problem


App Name:

  • Self hosted with docker
  • Self hosted with IIS
  • Self hosted with other version
  • Cloud version

Version: [VERSION]


  • Chrome (desktop)
  • Chrome (Android)
  • Chrome (iOS)
  • Firefox
  • Safari (desktop)
  • Safari (iOS)
  • IE
  • Edge



please be more specific, I have no idea what you actually mean.

can’t insert table in rich text or alignment text

I will think about it. In general the idea is to keep the editor small and especially styling features will not be added.