Adding extra HTML element in editor


Hi Team,

I’m adding below html content in editor from source code section but I’ve noticed that editor it self is adding ul at the start & end.


Actually I would like to add multiple dynamic banner in my home page. As per html I’ve to add only LI section rest of the tags will be added in my Index.cshmtl page.

So can I avoid extra html elements while adding content from editor?

thanks in advance.


About which editor do you talk about? The normal wysiwyg html editor? If you manage banners it might be better to just a simple textarea.


@Sebastian I was referring RichText editor. Now I’ve used
HTML which is working fine for me. I hope it’s correct usage.


Yes, the RichText editor is hard to make right for everybody. I had so many requests about adding X or removing Y that I decided to add the custom editor stuff.


Okay thanks Sebastian.