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Hi Sebastian,

By any chance there is any feature available to add a add record button like
we can add some add record tab here in action tab

main purpose is to navigate user to add record screen and populate a few fields with value from which we row in grid we navigated

There is no such feature, sorry. Not sure what you want to achieve with “Add Record” exactly. I mean there is the normal add button in the content list.

i want to add a content of other (record)schema referencing the content of the current schema which has add record button

I don’t get it. Can you elaborate more?

say i have a content in contact schema (ex abhishek prabhakar ) and i want to add content in record schema for (abhishek prabhakar). I need a action button in abhishek prabhakar which navigate the user to add record screen with a reference field populated with abhishek prabhakar

basically auto populating fields of other schema based on the values of content in which add record button is clicked

You can build a custom editor for that. This could work. But it won’t be easy.