Add field to array of fields - breaking graphql query; only fixes on re-save of item

I have…

  • [ ] Checked the logs and have provided the logs if I found something suspicious there
  • Just GraphQL Error output.

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  • [X] Bug report
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Current behavior

Added a field to an existing array of fields collection.

Upon executing a graphql query against the existing content + the new field, an error thrown with no message. See part of stack trace below, also in picture next.

If I open the content item in the admin ui, and re-save it without making a single change, the graphql works.

I have 200+ existing story content item. I don’t want to manually open + resave each one.
Seeking guidance or recommendations.

I could try patching all items, but would I need to patch the entire array of fields? Testing this in dev, and would be concerned about patching breaking production content.

Expected behavior

Add field to an array of fields, then retrieve contents without opening each item manually.

Minimal reproduction of the problem



  • [X ] Self hosted with IIS

Version: 3.5.0


  • [X] Chrome (desktop)

Partial error output from GraphSQL

  "error": {},
  "text": "{\"data\":{\"queryStoryContents\":[{\"id\":\"d4bb378b-eec4-4682-af4d-f13a571f09e6\",\"data\":{\"title\":{\"iv\":\"#WhyILove Traveling the United States\"},\"sections\":{\"iv\":[{\"featurePanelConfigOptions\":{\"item1\":{\"name\":\"String\",\"metadata\":{}},\"item2\":{\"method\":{\"name\":\"<.cctor>b__22_0\",\"declaringType\":\"Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.Contents.GraphQL.Types.QueryGraphTypeVisitor+<>c, Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null\",\"reflectedType\":\"Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.Contents.GraphQL.Types.QueryGraphTypeVisitor+<>c, Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null\",\"memberType\":\"Method\",\"metadataToken\":100666448,\"module\":{\"mdStreamVersion\":131072,\"fullyQualifiedName\":\"C:\\\\Sites\\\\cms.squidex\\\\Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.dll\",\"moduleVersionId\":\"2129d61a-0b66-47d9-8ba7-0f6e86acb8d7\",\"metadataToken\":1,\"scopeName\":\"Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.dll\",\"name\":\"Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.dll\",\"assembly\":{\"codeBase\":\"file:///C:/Sites/cms.squidex/Squidex.Domain.Apps.Entities.dll\",

Hi, I have no idea what it is doing but it is also a very old version. It might have already been fixed.

Okay - thanks Sebastian.

Re: Upgrade. - am waiting on an update from you about another issue with the json fields, before I can upgrade. I would like to move to a new version sooner than later.

I cannot reproduce it, sorry :frowning: