About Authentication

My company has asked me to research your product but to be honest, documentation is not very clear to me. I got basics but when it comes to development it gets complicated.

I have couple of questions if you can answer:

First of all if i have a blog app and if i want my users to access it using an username and a password, do i need to create an identity server first? Can you explain how authentication works?

Both applications have Contributors, in that case under which application will these contributors reside?

On GitHub there is only one identity app example and it has been developed using c#.I couldn’t make it run. It keeps giving an error that says “Endpoint /Manage/Profile contains authorization metadata, but a middleware was not found that supports authorization”. Is it possible to be developed using react.js?


Squidex does not offer authentication for end users out of the box. Squidex identity is an attempt to solve this, but not ready for production yet and the priority is relatively low.

If you just need username and password authentication, the easy solution would be to create a simple schema with username and passwordHash and query the schema for existing users. It is more or less like a database in this sense.

Squidex identity is too complicated for your scenario. It is designed for mobile apps or microservice environments with single sign on and is based on OpenId Connect and OAuth.