Ability to provide client based content similar to language/locale?

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Our company has a need for a feature very similar to the way languages/locales are handled. We would like to be able to add, change or limit content based on other app variables.

Consider a diabetic user and a user with cancer. We would like the navigation content (and other sections) to be able change based on this logic. Our app would like to be able to send a header like X-userType: 'cancer' and receive the “cancer patient” version of the content…similar to how we can send languages and get the languages. It wouldn’t make sense to have a link for “schedule chemotherapy” for non-cancer patients. Nor would “reorder glucose monitor” apply to cancer patients…for example.

Another option would be able to create an app like “PatientApp:default” that serves as the primary app. And then have “PatientApp:cancer” that only has the differences. The differences override the default.

Is this currently possible with tags or metadata or some other feature?

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App Name: member-portal-demo

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Right now it is not possible directly, but why can you not just tag content based on the target audience and then use a normal query?

How would you implement this with a traditional database?

We currently implement as part of our current CMS. We pull the content as I mentioned, but we’re open to doing things differently.

Is there built in tagging, or should we create a “tag” field.

Just create a tag field.

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