A few editor questions


If you don’t mind, I have a few questions for which I’ve failed to find answers in the documentation or in the support forum:

  1. I’d like to hide a couple of fields from view in the Squidex content editor. I’ve tried using “Disable in UI” and also “Hide in API”, but in both cases the fields are still visible in the content editor. Is there a way to accomplish this?

  2. In the content editor, is it possible to “copy” a component that exists in a list field and “paste” it into a compatible list field elsewhere? This is somewhat like cloning the item, except that I want the clone in a different list. I realize that this is possible by copying/pasting from the JSON data view, but I am hoping for something more end-user friendly.

  3. In the schema editor, I’m confused about the meaning of the “Default Value” checkbox for Boolean fields. The three states of the checkbox are: (a) unchecked, (b) checked, and © horizontal line. My questions are:

  • Does an unchecked box mean no default at all or that the default for the field is “false”?
  • Does a checked box mean that the default for the field is “true”?
  • What does the horizontal line indicate?

As always, thanks for the help!


  1. There is no button for that, but you can use fields rule for that. In a field rule you have to define a condition, but you an also use a condition that is always true:

I have realized that there is a minor, but critical bug in the UI. If it does not work, I have to provide a fix:

  1. No, it is not possible. But you can provide a feature request of course. Ideally with a simple mockup.

  2. I have not invented this:

  • Checked => true / yes / 1
  • Unchecked => false / no / 0
  • Line or Box => indeterminate / undefined

Thanks, Sebastian.

Regarding #1 (field rule) I may have hit the bug you mentioned. After I created my rule and clicked the “Save” button, I navigated away and then back again to discover that the drop-down that should have shown “Hide” was now empty. And I verified that the field was not being hidden.

Regarding #3, defaults for Boolean fields, below you will see that I have a value called instantSubmit that should have a default of FALSE, and a value called provideFeedback that should have a value of TRUE.


But in the content editor, when I create a new object the checkboxes for both of these values shows as undefined.


Regarding #1

You can fix it like this:

Regarding #3
Cannot reproduce it. Perhaps it has been fixed by accident somehow.

Thanks for the tip on resolving #1. It’s working now.

Regarding #3, the issue with wrong Boolean defaults is still happening. Here’s a video that will hopefully provide more clues:


Thank you. I have not tested it with the cloud, only locally.

Hi Sebastian. Any progress on getting your fix for this to the cloud?

I made a deployment this Tuesday, but it failed. So I had to fix the bugs and plan a new deployment tomorrow.

Got it. Thanks for the update.