400 'Validation Error' when attempting to get data

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Current behavior

400 error saying ‘Validation error’ and ‘Unexpected token ILLEGAL’ when attempting to get data from our movies schema.

Expected behavior

No error.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Most every call to the “movies” schema seems to reproduce the issue:


App Name: name-that-movie-2-cms

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Can you check the scripts for your schema?

Hi Sebasitan, thanks for the quick reply.

The only script in that schema is this query script:

.\sq.exe content import File.csv --fields=text

Could that be causing the issue? I didn’t write that script myself so I’m not sure of its purpose. I’ll talk with my team about replacing or deleting it if that’s likely to be the problem.

Yes, this is not a valid javascript. I have not added it.

Thanks, talked with my team and it looks like removing that worked.

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