2023-03-06 7.5.0 has been released

Hello together,

version 7.5.0 has been released.

This release has a lot of small improvements. The highlight is a new streaming endpoint to query large amount of content items.



  • UI: Fixed styling of schemas in workflow settings.
  • Contents: Fixed a bug when permanently deleting a content that was permanently deleted before didn’t work.
  • Scripting: Fixes to the handling of asynchronous tasks in scripts.


  • Rabbit MQ: Removed the RabbitMQ event consumer.
  • Contents: Allow DateTime fields in sample uniqueness validator.
  • Rules: Only create enriched content events once for the same trigger type.
  • Schemas: Added tooltip to field icon in schema editor.
  • Tests: Improvements to the tests to verify all methods to make an update, delete and so on.
  • UI


  • Assets: Added support for Cloudflare R2.
  • Contents: New endpoint to stream all content items out using server-sent-events.
  • Rules: Also trigger rules when a reference has changed.
  • Scripting: Expose information about deprecated helper methods.
  • Scripting: Improved the reject method to output multiple errors.
  • Scripting: New method to resolve a single asset.
  • Scripting: New method to resolve a single reference.
  • UI: Autocompletion for Preview URLs.
  • UI: Autocompletion for single line code editors.
  • UI: Show allowed values in autocompletion.


  • UI: Escape HTML in the hightlight pipe, that is used to highlight matching words in search.