2023-02-12 Autocompletion and code editing improvements

I have deployed a new version with improvements to the autocompletion. I have made a single line version of the popular ace editor for code editing. This enables intellisense for all places where scripts are used, for example:

In the field rules:

Or in the rule editor:

Furthermore the autocompletion has been improved in general:

  1. It shows the data type now (e.g. string, object, array) and so on.
  2. It shows the possible values when a string is an enum.

What I just realized while writing this is that that preview URLs do not have autocompletion yet. This will follow early next week.


Ah excellent, gives another reason to look into using enums for some of our restricted value string fields.

So far it does not work for schema enums, but that can be added as well.

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I have also added this logic to the preview URL:

This will be deployed today.

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