2023-02-01 7.4.0 has been released

Hello together,

version 7.4.0 has been released.

This release has a lot of small improvements, but it also contains a few security fixes. So if you are already on 7.X I recommend to upgrade.



  • Comments: Fixes the small component, that shows who is currently visiting the page.
  • Contents: Do not cancel count query when the count is calculated in the background.
  • General: Fixes a race condition in the caching manager.
  • Scripting: Fixed a minor bug in scripting when override content.
  • UI: Several styling fixes.


  • Assets: Do not show the asset folder icon in the normal view (only when searching).
  • Contents: Also respect timeout when parsing queries.
  • Contents: Eliminate stop words before searching.
  • Contents: Fixes to OpenAPI type mapping.
  • Contents: Show a big alert when viewing a deleted content item in the UI.
  • Contents: Show a summary line for components.
  • Identity: Improve how custom claims are resolved.
  • Monitoring: Improved the open telemetry span tracking and added new fields like app name and schema name.
  • Monitoring: Update of stackdriver monitoring.
  • Scripting: Update of Jint scripting engine.
  • Tests: Severall improvements to improve stability of tests.
  • UI: Simplified the permission form.
  • UI: Update of angular to version 15.


  • Assets: Added a link to the asset dialog to show all referenced content items.
  • Assets: Added scripting to asset queries.
  • Assets: Easier option to move an asset to a folder via the asset dialog.
  • Assets: New permission for asset folders.
  • General: Added portugesian translation.
  • GraphQL: Added open telemetry to all asynchronous resolvers.
  • Identity: Added an option to override all claims on login, e.g. when using a third party identity provider.
  • Monitoring: Added zipkin support for OTLP.
  • UI: Add access token to preview URL.
  • UI: Collapsible fields in schema editor.
  • UI: Option to change the name of a schema category.
  • UI: Several improvements for smaller screens with new layout.
  • UI: Show a dialog when loading an old file, because the angular UI was updated in the background.
  • UI: Typescript definitions for editor SDK.


  • Identity: Add anti forgery tokens to all login and profile pages to prevent CSRF attacks.
  • UI: Correctly encode HTML entities in markddown rendering to avoid HTML injection.
  • UI: Correctly encode HTML entities in the rendering of the Squid graphics.