2022-11-11 Version 7.2.0 has been released

Version 7.2. is out. The last release for .NET 6:


  • Assets: Configured timeout for queries was ignored.
  • Assets: Several fixes for tags which was causing duplicate tag names when a tag was renamed.
  • Backups: Fix timeout handling for backups to mark timed out backups as failed.
  • Contents: Configured timeout for queries was ignored.
  • Contents: Disable component fields when field is disabled.
  • Contents: Disable drag and drop for array editors, when the array field is disabled.
  • Contents: Fix generated OpenApi specs.
  • Contents: Fix geo queries (latitude and longitude) was swapped.
  • Rules: Fixes cache duration for rule handling.
  • Templates: Updated the template system to create a new temporary folder for each operation to query the repository.
  • UI: More help pages.
  • UI: More history pages.
  • UI: Several fixes to handle schema fields.
  • UI: Use a fallback image, if the app image cannot be loaded.


  • API: Better status handling for exceptions.
  • API: Move to file scoped namespaces.
  • Backups: More logs for the backup.
  • Contents: Mark content-version endpoint as obsolete.
  • Helm: Document helm parameters.
  • Rules: Dedicated Rule action for OpenSearch.
  • Rules: More logs for rule enqueuer.
  • UI: Updated Angular to 15.0
  • UI: Updated Bootstrap.


  • Billing: Introducing teams to manage subscriptions across teams.
  • Billing: Several changes to introduce a referral program.
  • Contents: Button to show or hide the input for custom ID.
  • Contents: Column to show the translation status.
  • Contents: Define a custom GraphQL schema for JSON fields.
  • Contents: New endpoint to fetch a specific content by version.
  • Contents: OpenAPI definitions for the bulkd endpoint.
  • OpenAPI: Add more controllers to OpenAPI spec.
  • Users: Added tests for user management.