2022-01-20 Feedback round

we need your feedback to plan more features and improve our product. Therefore we would like to have a one-to-one meeting with you to hear your needs.

Just book an appointment for a 30 minute session over Google hangout using the link below . We will discuss your requirements and listen to your feedback. Of course this will be rewarded with either a $50 amazon voucher or a promotion code for the Squidex cloud for 99 €.

Use the following link to book an appointment:

Book appointment here.

Your feedback is always welcome, but especially in these cases:

  1. If you have used Squidex or you have evaluated it, but you are not satisfied with the features or something else and you have decided to use the product of a competitor or a totally different solution.
  2. You use Squidex but an important feature is missing and you would like to express your requirements.
  3. You use Squidex but you are not satisfied with the features, performance, documentation or something else.

If the meeting is not productive, e.g. it is just used to grab the voucher, you might not receive the gift. The gift is restricted to 20 vouchers.

No time for a meeting or you want to provide your feedback upfront? Use the following link for our online survey:

I am supposed to be having a meeting with you right now but there is no link to a google hangout within the form, post or calendar invitation

I am very sorry. Can we reschedule it to 3PM (44 min from now?). I am going to send you a link.

I am busy at 2pm GMT with standup. I am available from 2:15pm

This works fine as well.