2021-08-03 New calendar view

Hello together,

I have integrated a new calendar view, that shows scheduled updates:


That’s cool. A good way to find these publications/archives soon.

Just one thing, in monthly display mode, I am on the current month (August 2021) and I go to the next month (September 2021). The label of the month does not change (the calendar and the data do) and remains on August. If I go to the next month again, I’m on September instead of October :slight_smile:
(The task is planned for 8 September 2021)

In daily mode, the green background for the task and the clickable link in blue is difficult to read.


Anyway, thanks for all these nice updates

Thanks, will be fixed today.

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This looks really cool. Just an idea, this cloud be also way how to show items (which have date atribute of course). For example, directus have something like this. https://v8.docs.directus.io/guides/layouts.html#core-layouts

Yes, I was thinking about this as well, especially because some users use custom mechanisms for scheduling.