2019-03-07 Version 2.0 Release Candidate (RC)

I just released Beta1 of Version 2.0

it contains some major changes so I decided to move next to the major versions:

  1. Support for CosmosDB with custom EventStore implementation and several small fixes for MongoDB repositories.

  2. To support CosmosDB I had to find a custom solution for full text search and I have integrated Lucene. It has some more advantages such as:

    • Fuzzy search, e.g. geman~ to find German.
    • Smaller indices.
    • Language dependent fields with specific analyzers for each language and language specific stop words.
    • One field per language so you can also search in one field only de:Deutsch
  3. Plugin support with https://github.com/natemcmaster/DotNetCorePlugins. Documentation is coming:

I hope for coming plugins and will improve the system over time to have more flexibility in the UI. Because of the SPA architecture it will be hard to write plugins for the UI but it might be possible for certain areas with iframe solutions.


Release Candidate is out. Feedback would be great.