User not signed in on consent page


I must say I did not yet remove all cookies before trying out the new version from the master branch. I did start with a clean database.

I could try to remove all cookies and see what happens in other browsers (this was Chrome) when debugging a bit more. But that will be tomorrow night I think.


Sounds like a plan…but anyway I think it is bad that it is necessary to delete cookies :frowning:


Can you share your cookies with me?


Sure :slight_smile: So I’m now logged in to Squidex, currently using Google Chrome at: “http://localhost:5000/app”.


Local storage:

The last entry of the local storage: “oidc.*” keeps changing at each api call I showed in my post on Sunday.


If it works now, we can probably just focus on something else :wink:


I will :slight_smile: Thanks for all the help!! :smiley:

Though I should add that this behavior pops up in all browsers and with both Google and OIDC logins. Cleaning the cookies does not seem to solve the issue. This is still the case with the latest version of master (just checked out).

Kinds regards,


Which issue directly? The infinite loop?

It does not happen on my machine, thats strange.


Yes, the infinite loop. Strange indeed! Somehow the application thinks it has to authenticate over and over again.

I’ll try to dive a bit deeper into it later this week.


That would be great, because I cannot reproduce it.