Use squidex API endpoint with local network name inside docker

It happens only when i connect to squidex_squidex (which is container name).

If i connect to bash inside my app container (not the one which runs squidex but, the one which runs application consuming squidex API).

And when i call:
curl -X POST -d 'grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=xxx&client_secret=xxx&scope=squidex-api' http://squidex_squidex/identity-server/connect/token

I got:

<!DOCTYPE html>
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    <title>Error - Squidex Headless CMS</title>

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<body class="profile">
    <div class="profile-container">
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<img class="splash-image" src="/squid.svg?title=OH%20DAMN&amp;text=I%20am%20sorry%2C%20that%20something%20went%20wrong" />

<h1 class="splash-h1">Operation failed</h1>

<p class="splash-text">
        <span>We are really sorry that something went wrong.</span>

        <div class="profile-footer text-center mt-4 mb-2">
            <small class="text-muted">
                Proudly made by<br />Sebastian Stehle and Contributors, 2016-2021

If i make the same call but instead of container name use actual domain which is used to host squidex.

curl -X POST -d 'grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=xxx&client_secret=xxx&scope=squidex-api'

I got valid token.

  "access_token": "exxxx",
  "token_type": "Bearer",
  "expires_in": 2591999,
  "scope": "squidex-api"

It is related to this issue:

I had to use absolute URLs to get it working.

Perfect basically it means that there have to be use endpoint with same domain name as set via URLS__BASEURL if I understand conservation of the issue correctly.

Yes, but let me try something.

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I have pushed a potential fix. Lets see if the build goes through.

Can you try dev-6793 ?

It seems working at least from quick test with curl against fresh new squidex container.

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I will make a final fix and introduce an option for that, because with this change the issuer url would change and all tokens would become invalid.

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Okay, it is pushed. You have to set IDENTITY__MULTIPLEDOMAINS=true

Should I test the identity-server/connect/token or have I before upgrading save some token or do anything else?

Yes, just test if this endpoint works for you.

With dev-6794 it looks like it does not work (i test it as upgrading previously created container and use curl from another container)

Have you set the environment variable?

oh, sorry i forgot about it, my bad. It works well. Do you plan to publish this as “stable” docker image?

Yes, but I don’t know when. Perhaps this friday.

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That would be great thank you for fast response as always :slight_smile:

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I want to kindly remind you of this request and sorry for bothering you before the weekend.

You are right, it was already night yesterday.

Done, new version has been released.

Thanks for the upgrade during the weekend.

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