[UNLIKELY] Tags or folders for Content

Since https://support.squidex.io/t/folders-or-tags-for-content-assets/43/3 was closed as there is another thread for supporting tags/folders for Assets, this is for supporting tags or folders for actual content data (non-asset).

My vote is for folders, as that’s more intuitive for less technical users (as the content editors often are). But I agree that tags would accomplish something similar if the interface allows the user to view all tags and select one to see all the content types with that tag.

A user made a nice integration with IBM watson to automatically tag content based on their content. Unfortunately it is closed source.

That’s pretty slick. But probably a rare use case. Most users would want to manually define the folder/tags themselves I suspect.

Sure, but it shows the power of tags.

I see there is a way to put schemas into “Categories”. Not sure if that was there before and I just didn’t notice it.

I don’t see a way to rename or even delete a category. I created a category for testing and dragged some schemas into it, but now I may want to rename that category.

It is a relatively new feature.

The category is not an item in the database, you can just move all schemas to another category and it will disappear automatically. Delete and rename is not implemented yet.

It is discussed here: Taxonomies for content items