[UNLIKELY] Squidex Identity: Authentication APIs

Authentication API add user register/logout action method(with squidex identity) or add a new JWT auth way.

Full AUTH API actions: Sign, Verify, Signup, Forgotten, Reset.

This is necessary for developing apps with Squidex.

If some features have already existed, it should be missing documents, but I have not found related APIs in the source code yet.

Thanks a lot : )

Hi, @Sebastian
I am confused why you didn’t reply in the past few days, and we are dealing with it ourselves.

Sorry, I was a little bit sick the last days and have only answered the topics that required immediate feedback in my understanding.

What do you want me to say with the link?


Oh, please take good care of yourself, the link is the reference we are using, leave it alone.

wish you good health sebastian :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw: What do you mean with “or add a new JWT auth way”?

The priority of this feature is too low, I will keep it for community PRs.

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