[SOLVED] Backup - Failed with internal error

I found and change this event:

But still not show me app:

What i meant:

  1. Change all events of this kind
  2. Make a new backup
  3. Restore the backup then

I will probably also have a look later today and see if it works

Hi Sebastian,

I lost original instalation of squidex while I perform kubernetes upgrade, so I can`t replicate your step-by-step.

I just create a new instalation of all my envoriment and trying restore my backups.

Then just 2 backups has error while restore. Link below

If you can take a look, I realy apreciate.


I will have a look. The first backup looks okay and will test it.

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I have a new build in the pipeline, which fixes your backup while restoring and is also much faster.

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I applied the new version and restore for all backups. It`s works perfectly.

Thank you very much.

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