Schema content part / mix-ins / inheritance / snippets


I’d be great if there was a possibility to mix-in schema’s to other schema’s.
This means that if we add schema’s that have common fields, we only have to define the fields just once.

For example, we first define a schema named SEO with the following fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords

Then when we define a different schema (Page or Blog for example), we can choose to mixin / inherit this schema so we automatically get these fields when we edit the content of these schema’s.


Good point.

As a developer you could use the sync feature and write a CLI for that.

Read more: [IMPLEMENTED PARTLY] Migrate schemas and rules between apps


Thanks, that’s pretty useful and we can sure use the CLI for our use-case. But it would still be a nice feature to have be able to include schema’s in other schema’s.


Sure, therefore I kept the feature request open.