Possible to embed one content type inside another?

Is it possible to embed a content type inside of another content type?

For example I have a schema of “page-header” and want to use it on some other schemas like “homepage”, “about-us”, etc.

I’d like to be able to embed the page-header content directly inside the homepage/about-us content rather than referencing free-standing content. Basically, I’d like to be able to re-use the schema in other parent schemas but don’t want the content itself to clutter up the library since in this case the content isn’t meant to be re-usable.

It’s kind of similar to this request ([IMPLEMENTED] Button to create & add content to an array), but the content is embedded rather than a reference. Btw I don’t see the new button that would allow this feature. Is it available on the latest docker image?

Thanks for all your work!

Makes sense, but is not implemented yet. The button is in the references dialog.

Ah ok. I see it on the docker image tagged dev. Do you know when you expect to include it in latest?

Very soon, I just want to keep the RC running a little bit to get rid of all bugs and then will release. Perhaps on friday.