Permanent remove older asset version

It would be beneficial to have an option to remove older versions of each asset. This could be implemented globally through a configuration property, perhaps with a flag like “retain older versions for 30 days.” Alternatively, this could be done via an API. For instance, if I perform a bulk import of images and later discover they weren’t optimized, I might write a script to download, optimize, and then reupload them. However, this approach just increases the app size since both the original and optimized versions are retained. Given that these assets are already referenced, replacing them would be challenging.

The primary motivation for this feature is to reduce the backup size within Squidex. While storage isn’t an issue (it is cheap), backups can become problematic, especially when local storage is needed for the entire backup during the process.

Upon further thought, it might be sufficient to simply have an option to back up only the latest version of each asset, ideally.

Thanks, I will think about that. I am not sure if the backup can be improved like that. Because we write the events in the insertion order and then the asset. So we need to delete previous assets afterwards and I am not sure if zip supports that.

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