Multiple requests to squidex api resulting in read timed out

Hi squidex team,

in our middleware service (Java Spring Boot, RestTemplate running on Azure Kubernetes Service) we query the squidex api multiple times to aggregate page content. First we query a defined page scheme and then the referenced content components in multiple requests/short time. Some times when we did not send requests to your api for certain time, we end up in resource access exceptions caused by socket timeout (Read timed out). We already played around with different read and connection timeouts on a pooled http connection management setup and increased the maximum total of connections with no success. Additional to that some times the exception is caused by SSLPeerUnverifiedException.

Maybe there is something, you can help us with to solve this issue.

Thank you and best regards

Philipp Thomas

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You are talking about cloud, right? What is your app name? Have you downloaded the request logs?

Btw: In the past I have seen some problem with Java and cloudflare. It seems that Java is used a lot for bots and therefore it gets blocked. You could try to set another user agent.

Hi Sebastian,

yes i talk about cloud, our app name is smurli. Can you tell me how i can find/download logs.

ah, i found logs on the Dashboard

Regarding java and cloudfare: My Colleague @Jens_Lehmann reported this so i hope we are safe to the currently known problems regarding this.

Okay, I was not aware that you already reported it. SSLPeerUnverifiedException must be a cloud flare problem, because SSL is handled by cloudflare at the moment. Therefore I brought up the topic.

logs seems inconspicuous to me.

Hi Sebastian,

regarding this cloudflare issue and the time outs, is there anything you can do for us?

Kind regards

It is hard. Do you have a small sample application to reproduce it? I also turned off the security stuff in cloudflare.

Is it possible to have a call/screen sharing with you?

Sure. When are you available? Tomorrow after 2pm German time would be suitable for me.

Today i am quite what about Monday?

Sure, same time would work.

can i send you a screen share invitation via mail?

Sure, just send it to

Detailed logs for Cloudflare is an Enterprise feature, but I contacted them anyway. Lets see what they answer.

Cloudflare called me yesterday evening and they told me that logs are only available for Enterprise customers. But as I said, I think the chance is that the request does not even reach cloudflare because the 100sec timeout does not apply.