[INACTIVE] Subpath issue in IIS with app directory, duplicating subpath

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Current behavior

The xhr requests are duplicating the subpath when adding fields and editing those fields.
For example: POST /admin/admin/, PUT /admin/admin/admin/

This is visible in the network tab of the chrome browser dev tools, and also in the IIS logs, as seen here:


Expected behavior

All requests should always be to /admin/, and never duplicate the base path: e.g. POST /admin/, PUT /admin/*

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Create an application inside an existing IIS website to host squidex under.


Add the base path to appsettings:


Front-end client seems to start duplicating the /admin as visible in network client on DELETE,POST,PUT requests … It leads to 404 requests when you do operations on the same object, and requires a page refresh (f5) to continue …


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  • [ ] Cloud version

Version: 5.8.2


  • [x] Chrome (desktop)
  • [ ] Chrome (Android)
  • [ ] Chrome (iOS)
  • [ ] Firefox
  • [ ] Safari (desktop)
  • [ ] Safari (iOS)
  • [ ] IE
  • [ ] Edge


I’m able to solve the issue by adding a rule to the web.config in the meantime, but figured I’d still report this, since it should work without the following:

Which fixes the URL issue in IIS as seen in IIS logs:


Where do you have the “basePath” setting from?

Squidex extracts the base path from urls:baseUrl. If you have a good setup for IIS you could provide a PR for that. I have issues to get debugging working.

Sorry, I was not aware that the basePath is actual a supported property :smiley:

I think when hosted under IIS, the base path is already set by the IIS integration. Therefore the double base path.

I tested the IIS integration for this bug and I have not set the basePath setting: