[IMPLEMENTED] Syncronize data to Algolia - Custom Payload / Document


I have setup rules in the Squidex CMS to send content changes to Algolia indices when

event.type == 'Published' || event.type == 'Updated'

It works fine when I make changes in the CMS UI but when data is synchronized by clients through the API, no records show up in Algolia. The new data records show up fine on Squidex but they are not synchronized to Algolia for some reason.

Is there any solution to get the data created or updated by API clients to also send to Algolia?

Thanks in advanced.

It should not make a difference. The UI is technically just another client. Have you checked the event logs in the rules view?

How do you create content via the client?

I didn’t know about the event logs in the rules view. I have checked this now and found this from the last invocation:

    Record at the position 0 is too big size=21968 bytes. Contact us if you need an extended quota

    Elapsed 00:00:00.0450000.

Is there a way to choose which data fields get sent to Algolia? This way I can reduce the record size.

Not yet, but I can put something together

Yes please. I really need to make this work quickly because I have a deadline next week.
Thanks for your quick response. :grinning:

I cannot implement it before next Tuesday.


I found a little bit of time and added the following extension:

You can use a javascript expression to customize the object.

Will be deployed tomorrow.

This will be perfect. Thank you so much for taking your time.

Hi, it is deployed to the Cloud

Hi Sebastian,
Can you publish a new release of Squidex CMS? We use the docker container.

Will take some time: https://build.squidex.io/Squidex/squidex/3107/1/2