[IMPLEMENTED] Custom Workflows

What are the plans in terms of roles and workflows?

I’m currently investigating the headless CMS space for a project where we might need sophisticated roles and workflow capabilities. Squidex has many nice things to offer but seems to fall short at this for now.

Aside from the current investigation. If contributions are welcome, I’d like to contribute to the project if there are things to do in this area.


it has not been decided yet. For me the requirements are not clear yet. What are your thoughts? Something simple like Kentico Cloud or more complex requirements? E.g. the rule system could also be extended to a workflow engine.

Contributions are welcome, therefore Squidex is Open Source.

Something simple like Kentico Cloud

For what I saw there it might be flexible enough for most of the use cases.

Will dive into the code base to develop a better understanding of where and how something like that would fit into Squidex.

Please see the following thread for discussions about roles: Roles and Permissions: Discussion

You might be able to leverage Orchard Core’s new Workflow module it stores in JSON.

The head of the Orchard Core open source project is also named Sebastian so how bad could it be :slight_smile:

It looks awesome, indeed :slight_smile:

Hi, I wrote an article how you can already implement it today: https://docs.squidex.io/guides/10-workflow

Hello Sebastian,

I would like to implement custom workflows into squidex that utilise the role based permissions to display and hide elements based on the role of the user and the workflow state of the content. I would also like to have the ability to have certain workflow stages behave in different manners, and act differently for different users.

I have implemented the custom workflow described in your documentation but I have had difficulty trying to implement the features I require.

I have seen the trello board and have noticed that custom workflow states is on your backlog. I was wondering, what is the likelihood of this being picked up soon? If it is not going to be soon, do you have any suggestions as to how I should go about trying to implement this feature myself?

Many thanks,

Hi Ben,

it is there since a while and there are three reasons why I have not picked it up yet:

  1. I have not decided yet how to implement, some competitors like https://www.kentico.com/ have a simple system to allow several stages:

It is not a bad system but has so many limitations, for example you cannot create reviewers for different languages. I would also like to integrate it with the rule engine to allow complex workflows. The flow builder from MessageBird has a good User Interface:

There is also no good workflow designer for Angular or React (+Typescript) that I would like to use.

  1. The thread here has not a lot of activity which is an indicator that it is not needed that often. But I definitely see the value in there.

  2. There was always something more important.

@Ben Can you add of your requirements?

This feature has been implemented as part of 3.0.