EMERGENCY website down

Yes, ofc:

Thank you Sebastian. I am still working to get all the moving parts operational with TLS1.2. Circumstances have indicated there are more than I originally predicted. Now I am working on outdated SQL Connectors. We will need TLS 1.1 to remain in service for at least another week. Thanks so much! I will send word when we are ready for the jump to TLS 1.2

If you could respond so I can provide the client with the reassurance that website isn’t going down again, that would be most appreciated. Thanks

Hi Sebastian, I think we are ready to wrap this one up and it looks like the setting on your end already reverted back to TLS 1.2. Can you please confirm?

I have not done anything.

Sir can I please trouble you to confirm we are on TLS 1.2?

Still on 1.1…I have not touched it, I promise…

That’s very bizarre because twice now after starting up the servers after the backup process the website goes down at least for a little while. And the diagnostics indicate it’s the same issue with transport stream closed due to authentication failure… This time however it worked out because I was able restore the website by successfully forcing TLS1.2 on our end. And because TLS 1.1 is currently disabled on our side with everything operational, logic indicates we have successfully made the jump to TLS 1.2. But please let me update the customer with this information before you increase the minimum to TLS 1.2 to see when he would like to do it.

I just wait for you, don’t worry.

Hi Sebastian, can you increase the setting in 24 hours and post an update after it’s done? I’ll be monitoring this thread so I can test it immediately in the event something goes wrong. I know it is late where you are we can do it earlier if that’s more convenient. Thank you so much for working with us on this! Standing by.

I will update it on Monday.