Content Search - use list view for reference field search rather than using dropdown | Custom Query UI

Currently to search a reference field a dropdown is available in the custom query pop-up UI, but there is a problem with the dropdown, especially when reference data set is huge (more than 50K records). In such cases performance is getting impacted very badly. We also need to increase config values for CONTENTS__MAXRESULTS, CONTENTS__DEFAULTPAGESIZE, UI__REFERENCESDROPDOWNITEMCOUNT to populate all the data in the dropdown, not a desired way.

As a suggestion we can use list view instead of using dropdown in the custom query UI. In the list view, it’s easy to search a record without loading all the data.

I don’t get it. the references dropdown should only load 100 items or so, it is only meant for small result sets.

Now I get it: The problem is the search itself. Writing a general search system that makes a contains search over all fields is also complicated.

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One option would be to maintain a special collection with only the reference fields for faster table scan and queries but when you change the reference fields it becomes complicated…