Bad Data from Squidex to Algolia

Thanks, I will try that.

Also wanted to restore the production app locally so I could run on localhost but the restore failed. See screenshot below. The backup has (Events: 406k , Assets: 654)

I need the logs or the backup. Otherwise I cannot help.

If you have big backups from production I would use the MongoDB backup in your case. It is much faster

Deployed the latest changes and the error message changed in algolia. Does this mean anything to you?

Invalid JSON: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: S. Path '', line 0, position 0.

Sorry I can’t share the backup without getting it approved…


It seems that the json even starts with a wrong character.

Can you share your current rule definition?

will dm you the details.

This has been resolved thanks to the great help by @Sebastian. Turns out there was actually some encoding issue and instead of using Script we had to wrap it in JSON.stringify:

// fields go in here now

Hi @Sebastian

I am getting the following error when pushing updated content data from Squidex to Algolia

data should not be an IEnumerable/List/Collection

Error: data should not be an IEnumerable/List/Collection

Elapsed 00:00:00.

PFA the relevant screenshots

Thanks, I will have a look

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