Add Squidex version in Admin UI

Hi Sebastian,

Is it possible to add the Squidex version in the Admin UI?

This would help with whenever you need to report a bug, for reminding yourself which version you’are on, etc.

I think it would be a very handy feature :grin:

Here’s Docker for Mac app e.g. - they put the version in the bottom right corner (v4.26.1) but you could obviously put it wherever makes the most sense for Squidex.

I think it should be on the apps overview.

hm I don’t see it but yes that would be a good place to put it.

Weird, are you using a stable version?

I’m using version 7.8.2.

Where exactly can I see it?

Because I log in to and I don’t see it there either.

I am not sure about cloud version, because it does not use stable versions. But it should be after “New App” buttons in the app overview.

Can you please post a screenshot because ive literally looked everywhere :slight_smile: