Add Plugin System



But that would take the place of the “sample schemas” – giving people the ability to deploy, say, a CRM skeleton.
Also a way to easily add hooks and/or internal processing.

Obviously an architectural challenge :slight_smile:


Yes, it is planned. For me a requirement would be that it works with docker, e.g. by containers as plugins or so.


This feature is in progress at the moment.

it is based on the following library:

The rule actions are implemented as a plugin system, the webhook plugin demonstrates how it works:

You can just register any service to the service locator and also override some default behaviors like asset store. I will prove a sample implementation for an in memory asset store. The most common extension points are also described in the docs already:

To make full usage of the UI must become extensible step by step as well. As a first step I auto generate the UI for the rule actions based on the metadata of the properties and the class:

To load a plugin you have to add it to the configuration:

You can check out the feature/plugins path:

Can create a rule for RabbitMQ?